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Mix and match pop with country, and then throw in a little blues – that’s where you will find Brenda Dirk!  Her unique attitude and personality seeps into her savvy music with thought provoking lyrics and beautiful melodies.   


Singer, songwriter, producer, and businesswoman - Brenda Dirk is striving to show representation for female producers in the industry and is learning how to be a 100 percenter. She is producing her own music videos, personally designing her merchandise, building her brand and developing her knowledge of the industry. She has spent the last few years enhancing her skills as an Artist by attending Toronto’s Canadian Music Incubator and being mentored by high-level executives in the industry. 


Brenda has fierce motivation and drive. She believes it is important to never give up on your dreams, strive to work as hard as you possibly can and achieve your goals through a strong work ethic and self-education. 


Brenda was born in Canada to Russian lineage, speaks fluent Russian, loves to spend hours in her studio, go on adventures with her friends, play with her parrot and her dog Trooper, create impromptu pop-up concerts and donate her time to charities.  Always bringing a positive bubbly attitude, Brenda brings exuberance to every performance. She knows how to read the room, raise the energy and engage her crowd.


In 2019, Brenda packed up her little black truck and drove 3300 kms to Nashville, Tennessee to expand her network base and find herself as an Artist.  Once there, she partook in Tin Pan South and that further developed her love of songwriting. She then turned around and attended events like Canada’s Music Incubator (Toronto), Neverland Retreats (Costa Rica, mentored by Autumn Rowe, Sidney Swift, Nash Overstreet, and Andrew Gould) and Durango Song Expo (Los Angeles) just to name a few.


In 2020, Brenda was accepted into the Billboard 500 club (a prestigious group of Artists from around the world) Brenda began mentoring under high level executives like Damian Sharpe, Pam Charbit, Gabi Kochlani, Greg Ogan, Suzan Kotch, Spencer Ludwig, Adam Zelkind and DYSON. She is personally mentored under the SYNC Legend Adam McInnis where she took his production classes and learned unique and innovative ways to level up her artistry. Thanks to Adam, Brenda drove to California to take part in the Billboard 500 meet up and record her next 2 tracks with Adam and his production partner Mario Marchetti (who is a Platinum record producer and Grammy Award winning songwriter. He wrote Demi Levato’s hit song Neon Lights). 


After the pandemic hit, Brenda put her release on hold so she could refine her production and writing skills. She has been writing with collaborators and Artists from all around the world. She continuously is finding ways to become a master at her craft. She recently attended the Ryan Tedder Master Class and learnt so much from the hit songwriting master. Brenda’s next goal is to self-produce an album to be released in 2022.

Brenda always says she’s taking her career “one step at a time, one song at a time and one stage at a time”. She encourages people from all walks of life to work hard and dream big. 


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